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EFG Electric is a company that was established in Diyarbakır in 2015 with entirely domestic capital, with an expert and experienced team as a result of many years of experience and has proven itself in the sector. As a company that has proven its quality with its reliable and high quality products, tested in local and internationally accredited laboratories and products that work in the system; It serves the electromechanical sector with metal-enclosed modular cells, monoblock concrete kiosks, prefabricated centers, sheet metal kiosks and special manufacturing. With a closed area of 21,000 square meters and an open area of 9,000 square meters, we are the facility with the largest and highest production capacity in the sector in the region.

As EFG Electric family, we produce Medium Voltage Switching Elements, SF6 Gas Breaker Switchgear, Load Breaker, Gas Switchgear Switchgears at 12-24-36 kV voltage levels and Vacuum Breaker Switchgears at 12-24-36 kV voltage levels. All of the main items such as Gas Switches, SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers and Vacuum Circuit Breakers used in metal-enclosed modular cells, among the products at 12-24-36 kV voltage levels that we produce, are EFG brand, and are produced in accordance with the standards in the component department of our factory.


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